a free Monero desktop wallet
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Feather - a free Monero desktop wallet

Feather is a free, open-source Monero wallet for Linux, Tails, macOS and Windows. It is written in C++ with the Qt framework.

Copyright (c) 2020-2021, The Monero Project.


Compiling Feather from source

See BUILDING.md for information on how to build from source.

Supporting the project

Feather is a 100% community-sponsored endeavor. If you want to join our efforts, the easiest thing you can do is support the project financially.



See HACKING.md for useful development resources.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you join the #feather IRC channel on OFTC if you are hacking on Feather. Due to the nature of this open source software project, joining this channel and idling is the best way to stay updated on best practices and new developments.