a free Monero desktop wallet
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// SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
// Copyright (c) 2020-2021, The Monero Project.
#include <QObject>
#include <QTimer>
#include "utils/os/whonix.h"
#include "utils/networking.h"
#include "utils/FeatherSeed.h"
#include "utils/daemonrpc.h"
#include "utils/RestoreHeightLookup.h"
#include "utils/nodes.h"
#include "libwalletqt/WalletManager.h"
#include "PendingTransaction.h"
class AppContext : public QObject
explicit AppContext(Wallet *wallet);
Wallet *wallet;
Nodes *nodes;
bool donationSending = false;
QString tmpTxDescription; // TODO: remove the need for this var
NetworkType::Type networkType;
PendingTransaction::Priority tx_priority = PendingTransaction::Priority::Priority_Low;
// libwalletqt
bool refreshed = false;
void commitTransaction(PendingTransaction *tx);
void syncStatusUpdated(quint64 height, quint64 target);
void updateBalance();
void refreshModels();
void storeWallet();
void stopTimers();
void addCacheTransaction(const QString &txid, const QString &txHex) const;
QString getCacheTransaction(const QString &txid) const;
public slots:
void onCreateTransaction(const QString &address, quint64 amount, const QString &description, bool all);
void onCreateTransactionMultiDest(const QVector<QString> &addresses, const QVector<quint64> &amounts, const QString &description);
void onCancelTransaction(PendingTransaction *tx, const QVector<QString> &address);
void onSweepOutputs(const QVector<QString> &keyImages, QString address, bool churn, int outputs);
void onCreateTransactionError(const QString &msg);
void onSetRestoreHeight(quint64 height);
void onMultiBroadcast(PendingTransaction *tx);
void onDeviceButtonRequest(quint64 code);
void onDeviceButtonPressed();
void onDeviceError(const QString &message);
void onTorSettingsChanged(); // should not be here
private slots:
void onMoneySpent(const QString &txId, quint64 amount);
void onMoneyReceived(const QString &txId, quint64 amount);
void onUnconfirmedMoneyReceived(const QString &txId, quint64 amount);
void onWalletUpdate();
void onWalletRefreshed(bool success, const QString &message);
void onWalletNewBlock(quint64 blockheight, quint64 targetHeight);
void onHeightRefreshed(quint64 walletHeight, quint64 daemonHeight, quint64 targetHeight);
void onTransactionCreated(PendingTransaction *tx, const QVector<QString> &address);
void onTransactionCommitted(bool status, PendingTransaction *t, const QStringList& txid);
void balanceUpdated(quint64 balance, quint64 spendable);
void blockchainSync(int height, int target);
void refreshSync(int height, int target);
void synchronized();
void walletRefreshed();
void transactionCommitted(bool status, PendingTransaction *tx, const QStringList& txid);
void createTransactionError(QString message);
void createTransactionCancelled(const QVector<QString> &address, quint64 amount);
void createTransactionSuccess(PendingTransaction *tx, const QVector<QString> &address);
void setRestoreHeightError(const QString &msg);
void customRestoreHeightSet(int height);
void initiateTransaction();
void endTransaction();
void deviceButtonRequest(quint64 code);
void deviceButtonPressed();
void deviceError(const QString &message);
DaemonRpc *m_rpc;
QTimer m_storeTimer;