a free Monero desktop wallet
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// SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
// Copyright (c) 2020-2021, The Monero Project.
#include <QDialog>
#include <QMenu>
#include <QStandardItemModel>
#include <QTextCharFormat>
#include "appcontext.h"
#include "components.h"
#include "libwalletqt/PendingTransaction.h"
namespace Ui {
class TxConfAdvDialog;
class TxConfAdvDialog : public WindowModalDialog
explicit TxConfAdvDialog(QSharedPointer<AppContext> ctx, const QString &description, QWidget *parent = nullptr);
~TxConfAdvDialog() override;
void setTransaction(PendingTransaction *tx, bool isSigned = true); // #TODO: have libwallet return a UnsignedTransaction, this is just dumb
void setUnsignedTransaction(UnsignedTransaction *utx);
void setupConstructionData(ConstructionInfo *ci);
void signTransaction();
void broadcastTransaction();
void closeDialog();
void setAmounts(quint64 amount, quint64 fee);
void unsignedCopy();
void unsignedQrCode();
void unsignedSaveFile();
void signedCopy();
void signedQrCode();
void signedSaveFile();
void txKeyCopy();
QScopedPointer<Ui::TxConfAdvDialog> ui;
QSharedPointer<AppContext> m_ctx;
PendingTransaction *m_tx = nullptr;
UnsignedTransaction *m_utx = nullptr;
QMenu *m_exportUnsignedMenu;
QMenu *m_exportSignedMenu;
QMenu *m_exportTxKeyMenu;
QString m_txid;