a free Monero desktop wallet
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// SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
// Copyright (c) 2020, The Monero Project.
#include <QObject>
#include <QProcess>
#include <QNetworkAccessManager>
#include <QTimer>
#include "utils/tails.h"
#include "utils/prices.h"
#include "utils/networking.h"
#include "utils/tor.h"
#include "utils/xmrto.h"
#include "utils/xmrig.h"
#include "utils/wsclient.h"
#include "utils/txfiathistory.h"
#include "widgets/RedditPost.h"
#include "widgets/CCSEntry.h"
#include "utils/seeds.h"
#include "utils/nodes.h"
#include "libwalletqt/WalletManager.h"
#include "utils/keysfiles.h"
#include "PendingTransaction.h"
class AppContext : public QObject
explicit AppContext(QCommandLineParser *cmdargs);
bool isTails = false;
bool isWhonix = false;
bool isDebug = false;
const QString featherDonationAddress = "47ntfT2Z5384zku39pTM6hGcnLnvpRYW2Azm87GiAAH2bcTidtq278TL6HmwyL8yjMeERqGEBs3cqC8vvHPJd1cWQrGC65f";
const int featherDonationAmount = 50; // euro
bool featherDonationSending = false;
QCommandLineParser *cmdargs;
QString coinName = "monero";
bool isTorSocks = false;
QString homeDir;
QString accountName;
QString configRoot;
QString configDirectory;
QString defaultWalletDir;
QString defaultWalletDirRoot;
QString tmpTxDescription;
QString walletPath;
QString walletPassword = "";
bool walletViewOnly = false;
NetworkType::Type networkType;
QString applicationPath;
static void createConfigDirectory(const QString &dir) ;
QMap<QString, unsigned int> heights;
QMap<NetworkType::Type, RestoreHeightLookup*> restoreHeights;
const unsigned int kdfRounds = 1;
PendingTransaction::Priority tx_priority = PendingTransaction::Priority::Priority_Low;
quint32 tx_mixin = static_cast<const quint32 &>(10);
static constexpr const double cdiv = 1e12;
QString seedLanguage = "English"; // 14 word `monero-seed` only has English
QNetworkAccessManager *network;
QNetworkAccessManager *networkClearnet;
QNetworkProxy *networkProxy;
Tor *tor;
WSClient *ws;
XmrTo *XMRTo;
XmRig *XMRig;
Nodes *nodes;
static Prices *prices;
static WalletKeysFilesModel *wallets;
static double balance;
static QMap<QString, QString> txDescriptionCache;
static TxFiatHistory *txFiatHistory;
// libwalletqt
unsigned int blockHeight = 0;
bool refreshed = false;
WalletManager *walletManager;
Wallet *currentWallet = nullptr;
void createWallet(FeatherSeed seed, const QString &path, const QString &password);
void createWalletViewOnly(const QString &path, const QString &password, const QString &address, const QString &viewkey, const QString &spendkey, quint64 restoreHeight);
void createWalletFinish(const QString &password);
void syncStatusUpdated(quint64 height, quint64 target);
void updateBalance();
void initTor();
void initRestoreHeights();
void initWS();
void donateBeg();
void walletClose(bool emitClosedSignal = true);
void storeWallet();
void refreshModels();
void setWindowTitle(bool mining = false);
public slots:
void onOpenWallet(const QString& path, const QString &password);
void onCreateTransaction(const QString &address, const double amount, const QString &description, bool all);
void onCreateTransaction(XmrToOrder *order);
void onCancelTransaction(PendingTransaction *tx, const QString &address);
void onSweepOutput(const QString &keyImage, QString address, bool churn, int outputs) const;
void onCreateTransactionError(const QString &msg);
void onOpenAliasResolve(const QString &openAlias);
void onSetRestoreHeight(unsigned int height);
void onPreferredFiatCurrencyChanged(const QString &symbol);
private slots:
void onWSNodes(const QJsonArray &nodes);
void onWSMessage(const QJsonObject& msg);
void onWSCCS(const QJsonArray &ccs_data);
void onWSReddit(const QJsonArray& reddit_data);
void onMoneySpent(const QString &txId, quint64 amount);
void onMoneyReceived(const QString &txId, quint64 amount);
void onUnconfirmedMoneyReceived(const QString &txId, quint64 amount);
void onWalletUpdate();
void onWalletRefreshed();
void onWalletOpened(Wallet *wallet);
void onWalletNewBlock(quint64 blockheight, quint64 targetHeight);
void onHeightRefreshed(quint64 walletHeight, quint64 daemonHeight, quint64 targetHeight);
void onTransactionCreated(PendingTransaction *tx, const QString &address, const QString &paymentId, quint32 mixin);
void onTransactionCommitted(bool status, PendingTransaction *t, const QStringList& txid);
void onConnectionStatusChanged(int status);
void balanceUpdated(double balance, double unlocked, QString balance_str, QString unlocked_str);
void blockchainSync(int height, int target);
void refreshSync(int height, int target);
void synchronized();
void blockHeightWSUpdated(QMap<QString, unsigned int> heights);
void walletSynchronized();
void walletOpened();
void walletClosed();
void walletCreatedError(const QString &msg);
void walletCreated(Wallet *wallet);
void walletOpenedError(QString msg);
void walletOpenPasswordNeeded(bool invalidPassword);
void transactionCommitted(bool status, PendingTransaction *tx, const QStringList& txid);
void createTransactionError(QString message);
void createTransactionCancelled(QString address, double amount);
void createTransactionSuccess(PendingTransaction *tx, const QString &address, const quint32 &mixin);
void redditUpdated(QList<QSharedPointer<RedditPost>> &posts);
void nodesUpdated(QList<QSharedPointer<FeatherNode>> &nodes);
void ccsUpdated(QList<QSharedPointer<CCSEntry>> &entries);
void nodeSourceChanged(NodeSource nodeSource);
void XMRigDownloads(const QJsonObject &data);
void setCustomNodes(QList<FeatherNode> nodes);
void ccsEmpty();
void openAliasResolveError(const QString &msg);
void openAliasResolved(const QString &address, const QString &openAlias);
void setRestoreHeightError(const QString &msg);
void customRestoreHeightSet(unsigned int height);
void closeApplication();
void donationNag();
void initiateTransaction();
void endTransaction();
void walletClosing();
void setTitle(const QString &title); // set window title
void sorry();
const unsigned int m_donationBoundary = 15;
UtilsNetworking *m_utilsNetworkingNodes;
QTimer *m_storeTimer = new QTimer(this);
QUrl m_wsUrl = QUrl(QStringLiteral("ws://dtg2clrd6iand4mwp2x6nhbqd3nqbxlbiw65f6vkwmmutxy2sijsnjyd.onion/ws"));